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Reasons To Pick Windows Desktop Application Development

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. More than 83 % of the computers on Earth use it as the primary operating systems. While application development for Windows slowed down in the recent past, it has started to gain more and more traction due to Microsoft pushing its Microsoft Store on its home PCs.

With new releases like the Windows 10 S that doesn’t allow the user to install or use third party apps, it’s essential that your business boasts a fully fledged desktop application.

The Desktop Application Development is hot right now because Windows is focusing on almost all sorts of users – releases like the Surface Studio for animation professionals, Surface Pro for developers and free license for Office 365 using Microsoft 365 just go on to prove that.

And of course, the growing slowly but steadily Microsoft ecosystem cannot be ignored and thus tools like Visual Studio IDE can be used to create applications that will run on any platform that runs Windows. This includes the Hololens, the Azure platform and of course, native desktop Windows.

The updated Microsoft Store provides a sleek user experience that provides a sense of relief due to the security that it guarantees because if your dream application has those old “.exe” files, then there’s always that discomfort that the user will face as opposed to finding a dedicated desktop app in the Windows Store. This is one of the primary reasons that MacOS, previously known as OSX, had a reputation for extended security.

Desktop Application Development has a long way to go and it’s future only looks brighter than ever with all the new changes that Microsoft is brining to the software world.

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